Coffee to go?

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Italy has a long tradition of coffee to go. But it's coffee standing at the bar drinking your espresso quick ...  in 2 or 3 sips then walking off. Lately, we have coffee to go in paper cups.... the American style of coffee to go. I'm sad that this may become a reality here too in Italy.  No more ceramic espresso cups but more disposable paper cups. the beer bug has made us hysterical. What is the impact of all these disposable paper and plastics items that abound these days?  If not for elegance or taste or tradition or at least for environmental reasons, let's get rid of the paper cups!. Down with paper cups. 

Down with paper cups!

Order your italian coffee delivered to your door step here. Italian coffee!

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One Coffee Cube or Two?

One Coffee Cube or Two?

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Bulletproof Coffee

Tiramisu means I love you in Italian

Tiramisu means I love you in Italian


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