No More Starbucks but Cold Brew Coffee at Home Yes!

No More Starbucks but Cold Brew Coffee at Home Yes!


 A Recent Observational Study From Harvard affirmed that coffee comsumption is beneficial to your health. YAH! for the coffee drinkers around the world. If your morning coffee is low on sugar the benefits of the coffee beans' antioxident properties can be healthy.

The Study was published by Dr. Christina Wee, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, in a Havard scientific journal. 

So no more high priced sugary Starbucks coffee or sodas. Make a good cold brewed coffee at home. HH Coffee distributes high quality Italian coffee to the US customer who want to drink coffee like Italians.Try a brand like Lavazza or Illy today. Our coffee is delivered to your door. Get a monthly subscription to your home or office. Shop here. You'll never run out of coffee.

 From a New York Times Article by Dani Blum 

"There’s also the possibility that coffee drinkers tend to make healthier choices in general. They might opt for a cold brew or a cup of drip coffee instead of a less healthy source of caffeine, like an energy drink or soda, Dr. Goldberg added. “If you’re pounding Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola or Red Bull or all these other drinks, they have tons more sugar, all the artificial stuff — versus coffee"

June 1 2022

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