What Is an African Wax?

Introducing our elegant Hip Hippo collection inspired by The African Wax.  Worn all over Africa, the African wax was originally designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, hence the name Dutch wax. The Dutch were Inspired by the Indonesian Batik.

These beautiful, colorful and useful materials quickly integrated themselves into African apparel and lifestyles, sometimes under names such as “Veritable Dutch Hollandais,” and “Wax Hollandais.”

In addition to wearing the fabric, women in Africa use the designs as a method of communication and expression, with certain patterns being used as a shared language, with widely understood meanings. Many patterns have clever names. Over time, the prints have become more African-inspired and African-produced. They also began to be used as formal wear in high fashion.

We have picked some of our favorite designs and made them into clothing that can be worn anywhere, any time. We have both men's and women's designed clothing. Wear them with pride.

Did you know that in Ghana Fridays are "Wear African Prints Day"?

Read more about African Prints from the BBC.


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